Winter storage is available in fairground buildings for boats, cars, campers and trailers. Cost is $12.00  per  foot (tip-to-tip).
For additional questions regarding storage or schedule an appointment: Please call the Superintendent of the Grounds, David Stuart. 
Storage Drop-off - November 2, 2019 
Storage Pick-up -  April 20, 2020

Or call to make an appointment.
The Fairfield County Fairgrounds has arenas, barns, buildings, and grounds to host all sorts of events.
For a rental contract and more information on prices and availability you can call the Fair Office at 740-653-3041.
Calendar below shows upcoming events at the Fairfield County Fairgrounds.

  • $150.00 for 12' x 30' lot and $200.00 for 15’ x 30 lot for Eight Days for Open and Junior Fair Livestock Exhibitors.

    (A)   If open or junior fair livestock exhibitors hook to electric or water for more than 8 days, there will be a $20.00 per day charge.

    (B)   Eight days being Saturday before the fair through Saturday of fair.

    $20.00 per day for a 12' x 30' lot for concessionaires.

    $25.00 per day for a 15' x 30' lot for concessionaires.

Deadline to Renew:To renew the same spot for next year you must make a full payment or $75.00 deposit  by
7:00 p.m. the last day of the fair, along with proof of purchase of one of the following admissions tickets:
  •  Parent Pass
  •  Advance Sale Ticket
  •  Exhibitor Ticket
  •  Membership Ticket 
  •  Adviser Pass
NEW FOR 2019! 

All open class and junior fair livestock exhibitors must pay the balance of their camping privilege fee by July 1st. There will be a $30.00 late fee added to the cost of the camping privilege after July 1st. If not paid by August 1st, forfeiture of camping spot and deposit. 

It is up to the person on the camp waiting list to keep their address and telephone number current. The Fairfield County Agricultural Society will call when a spot becomes available. You will have 5 business days to respond. If the Fairfield County Agricultural Society cannot reach you when a space opens up, they will move on to the next name on the list and you will be removed from the list.

NEW! Anyone interested in a camping spot for the 2019 Fair must stop in the Fair Administration Office the week of the fair and sign up. Your name will then go into a drawing. Only ONE name per household and you must be 18 years of age to enter. Drawing will take place in the #50 Building on Saturday, October 27th, 2018 at 9:30 a.m. You or a representative must be present at the time of the drawing. Proof of the above rules will apply. After the lottery, the list will stay as a moving/waiting list. After December 1st, you may put your name on the list by calling the office. Each year as a camping spot becomes available the name or names at the top of the list will fill each available spot.