Jr. Fair Livestock Sale

Fairfield County Junior Fair Livestock Sale

Location: Feeder Creek Vet Show Arena

Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 5:00 p.m.

Market Steers, Dairy Products, Dairy Feeders and Market Hogs (in that order)

Friday, October 14, 2022 -10:00 a.m.

Market Lambs, Rabbits, Poultry, Dairy Goat Products and Market Goats (in that order)

If you are a returning buyer, show the letter included in your buyer packet to the gate attendant to be directed to the Reserved Buyers’ Parking area. The “reserved” parking area is limited due to available space near the show arena where the sale will take place.

In order to bid, buyers must register for a buyer’s ID number prior to the sale. The sale office is located in the southeast corner of the Feeder Creek Vet. Show Arena and will be open one hour before the sale starting time.

Sales are conducted in the “premium bid” format. Premium bidding means that you are bidding a total dollar amount per animal or group of animals. This means what you bid is the price you pay unless you choose to “KEEP” the animal. If you choose to “keep” the animal, you will pay the “premium” you bid PLUS the “market value” listed for that animal (or group) in the sale catalog.

If you “turn” the animal you will pay only the amount of your “premium” bid and the packer will pay the “market value” to the exhibitor.

When the bidding ends for each animal (or group) the buyer will be asked if he/she wants to

“KEEP” or “TURN” the animal, so be prepared to give your decision at that time. If you wish to “keep” the animal, you will be asked to complete a “KEEP FORM” stating your transportation arrangements. If you wish to haul the animal yourself, it must be removed from the fairgrounds within an hour after the sale ends. You will need your sale receipt to be permitted to leave the barn with the animal.

Steers, Hogs, Sheep and Goats are partial terminal sales. Only the Grand & Reserve Champions of those species must be sent for slaughter and testing.

Rabbits and Poultry have “special circumstances” so check the information sent with your buyer packer (and attached to the Sale Catalog) to clarify the terms of those sales.

** Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, and debit cards will be accepted for payment with proper ID. There will be a 3% service fee assessed to the purchase. **

NOTE: If you wish to have the animal you purchase processed in this county you should call the processor as early as possible before the fair to be sure there is space available. Inform the processor you are scheduling for a junior fair sale animal.

Show your support for young livestock producers by planning to attend the 2022 Fairfield County Junior Fair Livestock Sale of Champions.

When you purchase an animal at the Junior Fair Livestock Auction, you are buying prize livestock raised by Fairfield County FFA and 4-H club members. Your purchase helps support the important educational programs of these two youth groups, and allows them to show a profit for their hours of hard work.